July Garden and Allotment Jobs

Welcome to July’s gardening tips for the home and at the allotment. July is know for it’s warm summer nights but will we get it this year. The weather is certainly changing year on year. We will be going through all the tasks for July Garden an Allotment Jobs. Will you be able to tick most of them off. These are for the UK but it will give you an idea of the gardening jobs for July that need doing.

There is still lots of things you can also plant in July in the garden and allotment. We have put together of what can be planted in July here.

Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

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You can check out all the allotment and kitchen garden books we recommend here.

July Vegetable Garden Jobs

  • Aubergines – If you are growing these when they get around 6 fruits on them pinch out the tips off the plants. This will encourage your fruit to grow.
  • Tomatoes – Feed your plants once a week with tomato feed. Take off the side shoots on the plant once a week. This will stop the plant from bushing out.
  • Fasten your cucumber trailers to netting or canes so that they are growing vertically rather than on the floor where they can get attacked by slugs.
  • Runner Beans – Keep picking these as they are ready. You don’t want them to go stringy. The more you pick them the more they will grow more.
  • Cut off the tips on your courgette plants this will encourage the plant to branch out. Pick the fruit regularly so that more courgettes grow
  • Garlic will be ready to harvest when the tops bend over and turn yellow. Let them dry in a shed.
  • Stop picking Rhubarb at the end of July. This will encourage the plant to die back naturally and the nutrients to go back into the crown.
  • As you harvest beetroot, lettuce and carrots plant some more seeds. You still have plenty more time to get another crop in.
  • Keep checking Cabbages and other brassicas for butterfly eggs. Even better cover them with a fine net curtain
  • Keep picking, drying, and freezing herbs. The more you pick them the more they will grow. Create supplies for the winter.
  • Keep areas weeded well around your vegetables. Weeds will take vital nutrients away from the plants that are needed to help them grow.
  • Keep plants watered well in the warm weather. Water in the morning before it gets hot. If you water at night it will encourage the slugs out.

July Fruit Garden Jobs

  • This month you can now prune your cherry, peach, apricot and plum tree. These should not be pruned in winter unlike apple and pear trees.
  • Your strawberry plants will be sending out runners with new plants on. Peg these down in to the soil or plant pots to grow more plants or give them away.
  • Keep your raspberry plants watered well in the summer as they only have shallow roots.
  • If you are growing citrus trees feed them regularly with a citrus fertilizer.
  • After your blueberry bushes have fruited you can prune back the branches that they have grown on.

July Flower Garden Jobs

  • Geraniums – When the first flowers have finished, cut them back to encourage more to grow.
  • Prune Lupins back
  • Cut back growth on hanging baskets. This can encourage more flowers to grow. Make sure you feed the baskets after doing this.
  • Take cuttings from your favorite plants now for growing over winter. You can use rooting powder to speed this up.
  • Deadheading flowers after they have died will encourage more flowers to grow especially on dahlias, roses, sweet peas and bedding plants.
  • Keep plants watered well in hot weather – especially hanging baskets and pots as they can dry out fast. You may need to water in the morning and night.

We hope that you found these July Gardening Tips useful and you can implement them in your garden and allotment. Come back next month to find out August’s Jobs.

If you are looking at what to plant in the garden in June you can check out our list here. Find out what jobs need doing in August or check out all the other months here to stay ahead of yourself.

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