July Planting tips

What to plant in July

July is supposed to be one of the hot months of the year. This month is probably one of the last months that you can plant a lot of your produce and flowers planted. Vegetables usually can be grown right up till the end of September before it starts getting colder. Here we will share tips and advice on what to plant in July for the garden and allotment.

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Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

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What to plant in the vegetable patch

July is around the last month that you can get growing a lot of the main vegetables. This is because they will not have time to get to optimal size before it gets too cold for them to grow. Here you can find all the vegetable seeds you can plant in July with all our garden and allotment tips. Fill those areas in your allotment where you have dug all your potatoes and onions up.

We hope you find them useful.

Beetroot – Plant your last batch of beetroot this month for a crop in September/ October.

Carrots – start the last batch of fast-growing carrots this month for a crop in the Autumn

French Beans:– if you start a batch of French Beans off now you will be able to get an Autumn crop, start them off in the ground or in pots first. Make sure they are protected from slugs and birds.

Kohl Rabi:- Have you tried growing this before? Why not give it a try it only takes around 8 weeks to grow until harvest.

Lettuce:- You can still keep sowing this for more crops. Keep sowing it every 21 days for continuous harvests.

Peas:- You can sneak the last sowing of Peas in July. They will be ready to harvest before the first frosts.

Perpetual Spinach – Do you fancy a winter crop. Plant some this month so you will be picking all the way up to winter

Radish – Keep making sowings of radish for a constant supply. They will be ready in a month from sowing.

Runner Beans:- Start the last set of runner beans off. This will then give you a late crop into the Autumn as your earlier plants might be starting to die of.

Spring Onions: – These can be sown through July for regular harvests to add to your salad bowl

What to Plant In The Flower Garden

Now we are in the middle of the year you won’t be able to plant any flowers that will bloom for Summer. You now need to be looking at flowers that will bloom in Winter, Spring and Summer next year. Here we will give you a run down of all the flower seeds you can plant in July.

  • Pansies – now are the time to be sowing pansies that flower in the Winter
  • Geraniums – These can be sown now to start ready for next year.
  • Delphinium – Start sowing these ready for flowering in Spring
  • Lupins – These can be sown this month for a great display in Spring
  • Fox Gloves – Start these off in July for blooms which the bees will love.

We hope you have found these tips useful for what vegetable and flower seeds to plant in July. You can find more tips on the jobs that need doing in the garden and allotment for July here.

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