August Garden and Allotment Jobs

August Garden and Allotment Jobs

Welcome to August Garden and Allotment Jobs. August can be a month of hot dry weather but as the year is getting to the end there is not much left to be doing in the garden in August and also in the allotment. We have explained in our other page all the seeds to plant in August and what to plant in August UK – you can check out those tips here. We hope you find these gardening tips for August useful and it helps you keep your allotments and gardens looking amazing.

Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

Are you starting an allotment or planning on growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a kitchen garden? If so we highly recommend the book Allotment Month By Month. This does exactly what it does on the cover to help you with what you should be doing in the allotment and kitchen garden each month. Below you can see the link for Amazon where you can purchase the book directly. This book is extremely popular with all allotment holders as you will read in the reviews:-

You can check out all the allotment and kitchen garden books we recommend here.

August Vegetable Garden Jobs

It may be getting to the end of the growing season but there is still lots of jobs that need doing in an allotment and kitchen garden in August to keep your vegetable patch looking great and maintained. Here we help with the general August Vegpaletable garden jobs.

Aubergine Plants:- These can be fed on a weekly basis once the fruit starts to form on the plants. When the plant has around six fruit on a pinch the tops of the plants this will encourage the plants to grow the aubergines.

Courgettes:- You will be picking these on a regular basis. Pick them when they are small this will encourage more to grow on the plant. Fingers crossed you get a bumper harvest.

Cucumber plants:- These can be fed on a weekly basis once the fruit starts to form on the plants.

Herb Plants:- Start drying out your herbs ready to save over the winter period until they start growing again.

Pepper plants:- These can be fed on a weekly basis once the fruit starts to form on the plants.

Potatoes:- You can now harvest main crop potatoes and second early potatoes. You will notice that the plants are starting to die off.

Runner Bean Plants:- When they reach the top of the canes pinch the tops of them to encourage the plant to bush out. Keep picking them on a regular basis this will encourage more to grow on the plants – they also will not be stringy.

Squash Plants:- Only have around 3 squash on the plants. Don’t cut any others off until the squash have got established.

Sweetcorn Plants:- You can feed these on a weekly basis with tomato feed this will encourage great corns on the plants. Your sweetcorn will be ready to pick when the tassels on the end of the corn turn brown. You will also be able to pierce the corn and it should be a milky colour not clear.

Tomato Plants:- Continue pinching out the shoots growing on the plants. When the plants reach the right height you can pinch the tops off to encourage them to grow the fruit. Keep feeding them once or twice a week when the plant has fruit on.

August Fruit Garden Jobs

August will be a busy month in the fruit garden as you will now be picking lots and lots of fruit daily from blackberries, loganberries, raspberries to fruit off your fruit trees. Look up amazing recipes to use your fruit to it’s full potential.

Blackberries:- The beginning of August you will be picking blackberries. Don’t let these go to waste. Wash them and freeze them for when you are ready for them.

Blackcurrants:- Prune back the stems which have fruited this year.

Fruit Trees:- In August you will be able to start picking your fruit from your trees, these will be your plums, cherries, nectarines and apricots.

Raspberries:- In August you will be picking autumn raspberries. They do not last long once you have picked them so freeze them until you actually need them. Any summer raspberry canes that have fruited this year they can be cut back. Don’t cut back the new shoots that have grown this year. They will be the ones where the raspberries grow on.

Strawberry plants:- Any runners which you have started off from your plants in pots these can now be transferred to the ground. They should then produce fruit next year.

August Flower Garden Jobs

As August can be a hot month it can be hard work watering in the garden. Make sure you water your plants when the heat is less and the sun is not out. When flowers die off on your plants go round and deadhead them. If you do it every day you will keep on top of it.

Bedding Plants:- Make sure as the flowers die off that you deadhead the. This will encourage new growth and new flowers to appear on the plant.

Climbing roses:- Prune these back this month only when they have finished flowering. Don’t prune them while the flowers are still out.

Fuchsias:- Cuttings can be taken from these this month. To start new plants off for next year.

Herbs:- Now is the time to cut back your herbs. This will encourage your plants to provide some fresh new growth so that you can harvest some before the frost comes in Winter.

Lavender Plants:- When the flowers finish on the plants they can be cut back. This keeps the plants more compact rather than a dead mess.

Lillies:- When the flowers die off you can deadhead them but make sure you use gloves and be careful of the pollen as it does stain.

Wildflowers:- Now is the time to scatter your wildflower seeds. This will encourage lots of flowers for the bees next year.

We hope you find these tips and advice useful on August Garden and Allotment Jobs. Come back next month to find out what to do in the garden in September.

If you are looking at what to plant in the garden in July you can check out our list here. Find out what jobs need doing in September or check out all the other months here to stay ahead of yourself.

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