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What to plant in June UK

We have reached June and the lighter nights will be coming and the warmer days. It is now time to be transferring all your plants in the garden with the chance of frost minimal. If there is still chance of frost near you don’t risk it. Here we will be discussing what to plant in the allotment in June or in the garden. We will explain what flowers to plant in June and what vegetables to plant June. We hope you find it useful with these tips on what to plant now in June.

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Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

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What Vegetables to Plant in June


If you are looking at what veg to plant in June UK you have come to the right place. Here we explain all the vegetable plants and seeds that can be planted in June. Don’t forget to keep your seeds watered as the weather will be turning warm now and the seed trays will start to dry out faster. Don’t forget you can click the title of each item where it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the seeds and plants.

  • Beetroot – This is probably the last month to be sowing beetroot either in the ground or transplanting from seed trays to the ground.
  • Broccoli – start some broccoli off in seed trays or directly in the ground for harvests throughout Summer and Autumn
  • Carrots – you still have time to sow your carrot seeds. Did you know you can get multi-coloured carrots?
  • Courgette – This is the last month to be sowing your courgette seeds. You may not get as many crops but you will still get some.
  • Cucumbers – These should now be potted up in the final position whether it be in buckets or grow bags.
  • French Beans – This is the last month to be sowing your french beans in the ground.
  • Peas – Why not plant a late batch of peas you should still be able to get a crop out of them.
  • Peppers – plant you peppers into there final planting place.
  • Radish
  • Runner Beans – Plant a late crop of runner beans, these will keep producing beans up til late October/ November till the first frosts.
  • Spring Onion – Keep sowing these in the ground
  • Tomatoes – Your tomatoes should be planted up in there final growing place now either in grow bags or tubs.
  • Turnips – Direct sow these outsides in the ground this month.

Herbs to plant in June


This month you need to plant fast-growing herbs as there is not much growing season left now and they usually die back for winter. You could try growing these herbs in June:- Parsley, Coriander and Dill.

What Fruit to plant in June


Are you looking at growing some fruit this year in the garden and the allotment but don’t know where to begin? Here we will be explaining what fruit to plant in April.

Melons:- Now is the time to be potting up your melon plants and moving them into a warm polytunnel or greenhouse.

What Flowers to Plant in June


IT maybe June but you can still plant flower seeds this month to get some flowers in the garden this year and for winter. Find out what flowers to plant in June.

  • Calendula – You can still start these off this month. As the weather is now warm you can direct sow these into the ground.
  • Pansies – These are great to grow for colour all winter. Sow some now for flowers this winter.
  • Sunflowers – You still have time to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. Sow some seeds now and see who can grow the biggest.

We hope you have found this list useful of vegetables, herbs and flowers to plant in June. What seeds will you be planting this month?

Why not find out what to sow in July UK and order your vegetable and flower seeds now and be prepared for next month. You can find what to sow in all our other months here.

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