Do you want to know what to do in the garden and allotment in September? Here we have listed all the September Garden Jobs.

Well the summer is ending but you can still get some warm weather in the UK and the nights are still quite long so you can still get plenty of time to do jobs in the allotment and garden. Here in this article we will be telling you all the September Garden and Allotment jobs that need doing this month. If you love to look after your garden and allotment we will provide you with all the gardening tips and advice for making sure that you have the best looking garden and allotment that all the neighbors will be jealous of. We have explained all the plants you can plant in September on our other page which you can view here. We hope you find this information useful. Feel free to share this page.

September Vegetable Garden Jobs

The summertime may be coming to an end and the nights are starting to draw in but there are still many tasks that need doing in the allotment and kitchen garden to keep it looking pristine and to encourage it to be great next year for more amazing crops and delicious food. Here we will tell you all of the gardening jobs for September in the vegetable garden.

French Beans:- Keep feeding them this month to help encourage them to keep producing. Make sure you pick of any beans that are ready as this will slow down production if they are ready and you leave them on.

Peas:- When they have finished producing don’t pull the plants up but cut them at the bottom, this then lets the nutrients back into the soil

Potatoes:- Dig up your main crop of potatoes this month, if you want to leave them in the ground cut all the foilage off the top of the plants.

Pumpkins:- Place them on a wooden plank or a slate to stop the bottom of them from rotting. To help ripen them cut off any leaves that are covering the pumpkins.

Runner Beans:- Keep harvesting them to encourage more to keep growing on the plant. You can also keep feeding them to help them produce more. When they have finished producing cut them off at the base and the nutrients will go back into the soil.

Sweetcorn:- This month you will be harvesting your sweetcorn. To make sure it’s ready before picking the sweetcorn check by squeezing one of the kernels if they are watery they need a bit longer.

Tomato Plants: – If you are growing outdoor tomatoes pinch out the tops of the plants to encourage them to start ripening now.

September Fruit Garden Jobs

September is a busy month in the fruit garden getting it all ready for next years produce. Here we will explain all the September Fruit Garden Jobs that need doing this month.

Apples:- These will start to be ready to harvest this year from your trees. The best way to see if they are ready is not to tug them but place it in your palm of the hand and it should come away from the tree easy. If you have any rotten fruit on the tree take it off as it will cause the plant to have diseases.

Blackberries:- Make sure you have picked all the blackberries before the birds get at them. If there is too many try freezing them for when you need them. Don’t waste them they are expensive to purchase in shops.

Currant Bushes:- Take cuttings this month from these to start new bushes off for your garden or your neighbours.

Gooseberries:- Try taking cuttings this month from your gooseberry bushes.

Plums:- If you have any left on the tree they should be ready to harvest. Make sure no rotten fruit is left on the tree.

Raspberries:- If you are growing summer varieties of raspberries prune back the canes that have fruited this year not the new growth as this will fruit next year.

Strawberries:- Clear any old straw away from the plants, this will stop any diseases forming on the plants. Pot up any runners which have formed get them planted straight into the ground where you are wanting them to go.

September Flower Garden Jobs

This month there is not many jobs that need doing in the flower garden. Find below the jobs which need doing in the flower garden for September.

Climbing Roses:- Once they have finished flowering they can be pruned back ready for next year.

Flowers:- Keep taking off the old flowers on your plants and they will keep providing flowers until it gets colder.

Hanging baskets:- Don’t give up hope on them yet. If you keep deadheading them and feeding them they will keep blooming until the first frost.

Rhododendrons:- Keep thee well watered this month as the flower buds they produce will be how much they flower next year.

We hope you have found these tips useful on the gardening jobs which need doing in September in the flower garden, vegetable garden and the fruit garden. Make sure you do them all to make sure your garden stays looking great all year round. Find out what to do in October here.

If you want to know what seeds, flowers, vegetables and fruit can be sown this month you can find out all the information here.

If you are looking at what to plant in the garden in August you can check out our list here. Find out what jobs need doing in October or check out all the other months here to stay ahead of yourself.


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