May Gardening Jobs

May Gardening Jobs

May is here and the temperatures will be increasing now with the longer days. This month there will be more and more jobs to do in the garden in May but with the loner days, there will be plenty of time to do it. Here we will explain all the gardening jobs in May, and those jobs that need doing on the allotment. Get everything prepared and ready for those summer months of making your garden and allotment look beautiful. These tasks are for Gardening jobs in May UK

Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

Are you starting an allotment or planning on growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a kitchen garden? If so we highly recommend the book Allotment Month By Month. This does exactly what it does on the cover to help you with what you should be doing in the allotment and kitchen garden each month. Below you can see the link for Amazon where you can purchase the book directly. This book is extremely popular with all allotment holders as you will read in the reviews:-

You can check out all the allotment and kitchen garden books we recommend here.

May Vegetable Garden Jobs


As the months get warmer and we have started planting things in the garden and allotment there will be more and more jobs that need doing this month. Hopefully the days will be drier and the days will be longer so you will be able to spend more time on the allotment and in the garden:-

  • Asparagus – Continue to harvest these, don’t let the spears grow too long.
  • Broadbeans – As your broadbeans start to appear on the plants pinch the tops off them. This will make them grow bushier and will prevent a blackfly infestation.
  • Garlic – Keep these weed free. Keeping them weed free will let the garlic get the nutrients and water they need.
  • Peas – Make sure that these are kept supported.
  • Potatoes – As these continue to grow keep earthing them up.
  • Onions – As like the garlic keep them weed free.
  • Out door vegetables – Start to harden them off before planting out.
  • Weeding:- Keep on top of the weeding. Regular hoeing will keep the weeds down.

May Fruit Garden Jobs


As fruit starts to appear on your bushes and fruit trees we need to do every bit to protect them this month.

  • Apple trees – Hang up pheromone traps to reduce codling moth
  • Fruit bushes – Cover fruit bushes with netting to prevent birds from eating all your fruit.
  • Fruit trees – If you have planted new fruit trees keep them watered in the first year. You will also need to remove the blossom and fruit from first year trees. You need to encourage the fruit tree to grow in the first year.
  • Plum trees – Hang up pheromone traps to reduce codling moth
  • Rhubarb – You should now be able to start picking your first crop of rhubarb – only ever pick 2 thirds of the rhubarb. Do not pick it all at once as it will stress the crown out.
  • Strawberries – Make sure these are protected by placing straw under the fruit. You may also want to net them over to stop the birds pinching them all.

May Flower Garden Jobs


The weather is now warming up so it is all system go to start getting the flower garden ready for summer. The list of jobs will start getting longer this month, but staying on top of the jobs will keep the garden looking amazing.

  • Aubritia – Trim this back this month to encourage new growth this year.
  • Clematis – Prune any old dead wood off your clematis
  • Dahlias – Harden off your Dahlia tubers this month before planting out
  • Fushias – This month is the perfect month to take cuttings from your fushias
  • Hanging Baskets – Start planting up your hanging baskets this month. However you will need to keep them protected from frost before hanging out.
  • Lavender – Trim back lavender this month to encourage new growth this year.
  • Roses – Make sure that roses are tied up and supported especially climbing roses.
  • Sweetpeas – Start to tie these up and this will encourage them to grow, Using netting will help support them.

If you are looking at what to plant in the garden in April you can check out our list here. Find out what jobs need doing in June or check out all the other months here to stay ahead of yourself.

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