Gardening Jobs in March

Gardening Jobs in March

Springing to Life in March – Gardening and Allotment Adventures

As winter gracefully steps aside, March bursts onto the scene, heralding the arrival of spring and awakening the world of gardening and allotment enthusiasts. In this vibrant month, the garden and allotment transform into a stage for the grand performance of nature’s renewal, offering a canvas for the eager hands of cultivators. Are we ready for gardening jobs in March

March brings with it a symphony of possibilities — a time to witness the first tender buds unfurling, to relish the fragrance of soil coming to life, and to embark on a myriad of tasks that set the stage for a flourishing growing season. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or tending to your allotment for the first time, March is a call to action, inviting you to sow the seeds of anticipation and cultivate the dreams of a fruitful year.

In this introduction, we embark on a journey through the gardening and allotment activities that March ushers in. From preparing the soil for planting to nurturing the delicate seedlings that hold the promise of future harvests, join us in embracing the awakening landscape and the countless possibilities that unfold beneath the gentle touch of spring.

As we enter March hopefully the weather will now start to improve and we will start to be able to do all those gardening jobs which need doing throughout the month of March. The days will start to become longer and we will be able to spend more time in the garden and allotment. If you have not managed to do all the jobs from February you will still have time to get all these done. Find all the gardening jobs in March below. You will also be able to find all the jobs which need doing in in the Allotment for March.

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March Vegetable Garden Jobs

March Vegetable Garden Jobs

Introduction: March’s Flourishing Symphony – The Crescendo of Spring in Your Vegetable Garden

As March takes center stage, the vegetable garden comes alive with the crescendo of spring—a vibrant symphony of growth, color, and the promise of abundant harvests. In this exhilarating month, seasoned cultivators and aspiring gardeners alike step eagerly into the garden, where the soil warms, buds unfurl, and the air is filled with the heady scent of new beginnings.

March marks the transition from the tentative whispers of spring to a full-blown chorus of green. The garden transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors as seedlings push through the soil, and each day brings a new revelation of life. It’s a time when careful preparation and nurturing tasks set the stage for the lush vegetable bounty that will grace the garden beds in the months to come.

Join us in this introduction as we embark on the gardening journey of March—the month of flourishing potential and burgeoning vitality. From direct sowing hardy vegetables outdoors to transplanting seedlings started indoors, March invites cultivators to be active participants in the unfolding beauty of nature’s seasonal performance. As winter’s grasp loosens, the vegetable garden becomes a stage for the magic of growth, and each gardener, with hands in the soil, becomes a conductor in the orchestra of a flourishing spring garden.

In March there is still not much to be doing in the allotment or garden as things are still just waking up from the winter hibernation. However, you will soon have lots to do from sowing seeds for all the summer crops and lots of weeding so do not worry. Here we provide you with all the March vegetable jobs which need doing.

Asparagus:- Prepare your beds this month by making sure that they are weed-free. Add mulch around the asparagus plants.

Green Manure:- If you have grown green manure dig this into the soil this month.

Vegetable beds:- Make sure these are all weed free and ready for the planting months ahead.

March Fruit Garden Jobs

March Fruit Garden Jobs

Introduction: March’s Orchestrated Flourish – Embracing the Blooms of Fruitful Abundance

In the mellifluous cadence of March, the fruit orchard transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues, where buds unfurl into blossoms, and nature’s symphony begins to play. Orchard keepers, their hands attuned to the heartbeat of the changing seasons, step into this unfolding tableau, ready to witness the orchestrated flourish that marks the pinnacle of spring’s arrival. In this month of awakening, both seasoned cultivators and novices find themselves captivated by the spectacle of blooming branches and the promise of a fruitful bounty.

March is a celebration of life—a time when the once-dormant branches come alive with the delicate dance of blossoms. It’s a month that invites orchard keepers to revel in the renewal of nature, to nurture the burgeoning buds, and to prepare for the imminent transformation of flowers into the luscious fruits that will adorn the branches in the months to come.

Join us in this introduction as we embark on the orchard’s orchestrated flourish of March—a month of careful tending, where every gesture contributes to the opulent tapestry of fruitfulness. From pollination rituals to pest management, March invites orchard keepers to be both guardians and admirers of nature’s grand spectacle. As buds burst forth in a crescendo of color and fragrance, March becomes a testament to the symbiotic dance between cultivation and the inherent rhythms of the orchard.

Doing these fruit garden jobs in March will help gain great crops of fruit this year. Check that you have done all these March fruit garden jobs.

  • Blueberries:- Feed your blueberries this month with ericaceous plant fertiliser
  • Fruit trees – Make sure they have all been mulched this month.
  • Raspberries – Make sure the tips of the summer fruiting raspberries have had the tops cut off them. This will encourage them to bush out and produce more fruit.
  • Rhubarb – Mulch your rhubarb this month. Do not cover the crowns though as this can cause them to rot.
  • Strawberries – If you want an early crop of strawberries cover them with a cloche.
  • Stone Fruits – If you are growing nectarines, apricots and peaches cover the trees with fleec to protect the blossom from frost.

March Flower Garden Jobs

March Flower Garden Jobs

Introduction: March’s Floral Overture – Unveiling Nature’s Palette in the Awakening Garden

As March graces the garden with the soft caress of warmer breezes and the gentle murmur of emerging life, the flower beds become a canvas awaiting the vibrant strokes of nature’s artistic hand. Gardeners, their spirits lifted by the promise of spring, step into a landscape that transforms from the muted tones of winter into a burgeoning palette of colors and fragrances. In this month of renewal and blossoming, both seasoned horticulturists and those just embarking on their floral journey find themselves immersed in the symphony of a garden in its awakening.

March is a floral overture—a season when the buds unfurl, and the once-dormant garden becomes a testament to the resilience of life. It’s a month that invites gardeners to revel in the emergence of petals and the tender shoots of green, while embracing the tasks that ensure the garden’s vitality throughout the blooming season.

Join us in this introduction as we explore the floral overture of March—a month of blooming brilliance, strategic cultivation, and the joyful anticipation of a resplendent garden. From cultivating early bloomers to preparing the soil for the abundance ahead, March invites gardeners to be both composers and caretakers of the evolving floral symphony. As the garden awakens to the crescendo of spring, March becomes a chapter of excitement—a prelude to the vibrant blooms that will unfold and color the landscape in the coming months.

March in the flower garden is about getting all your plants ready for the year ahead. This will help encourage great flower in the garden and allotment for the summer. Here we will share out March Flower Garden jobs.

  • Clematis – Prune these back before the new growth starts on them.
  • Daffodils – As daffodils die back these can be deadheaded. Do not cut back to the base as all the nutrients go back into the bulb.
  • Heathers – Prune back any old dead heather.
  • Hydrangeas – These can be pruned back this month. Take them back to around one third of last years growth on them them
  • Fuchsias – prune these back this month to around two buds on each stem.
  • Pansies – dead head your winter pansies as they die back. This will encourage more flowers.
  • Perennials – cut back any old foliage.
  • Roses – These can be pruned back this month.
  • Slugs – As the slugs start to appear in the garden again make sure you have beer traps set up to catch them.

Top 10 Questions and Answers for Gardening and Allotment Jobs in March

  1. Question: When should I start sowing seeds outdoors in March?
  • Answer: Depending on your region, you can sow cold-tolerant vegetables like peas, carrots, and lettuce directly outdoors in March.
  1. Question: How can I protect young plants from late frost in March?
  • Answer: Be prepared to cover tender seedlings with cloths or blankets on nights when frost is expected. Using row covers can also provide protection.
  1. Question: What are some early spring vegetables to start indoors in March?
  • Answer: Start seeds indoors for warm-season vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants in March to give them a head start for the growing season.
  1. Question: How can I prevent soil compaction in my garden in March?
  • Answer: Avoid working in wet soil to prevent compaction. Consider using raised beds to improve drainage and minimize soil compression.
  1. Question: When should I apply fertilizer to my garden in March?
  • Answer: Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to your garden in March as plants begin to break dormancy. Follow package instructions for application rates.
  1. Question: What pests should I watch out for in March?
  • Answer: Keep an eye out for early-season pests such as aphids and slugs. Employ natural control methods or use organic pesticides if necessary.
  1. Question: Is March a good time to divide perennials?
  • Answer: Yes, March is an excellent time to divide many perennials. It helps rejuvenate the plants and promote healthier growth.
  1. Question: How can I encourage beneficial insects in my garden in March?
  • Answer: Plant a variety of early-blooming flowers and herbs to attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, lacewings, and pollinators.
  1. Question: Can I prune my fruit trees in March?
  • Answer: March is a suitable time for pruning many fruit trees before they start actively growing. Remove dead or damaged branches and shape the tree as needed.
  1. Question: What should I do with overwintered crops in March?
    • Answer: Check overwintered crops for signs of new growth. Remove any dead or diseased material and provide necessary care for healthy regrowth.


In conclusion, the month of March is a pivotal time in the world of gardening and allotment activities, marking the official transition from winter to spring. As the days gradually lengthen and temperatures begin to rise, enthusiastic gardeners and allotment keepers eagerly dive into a flurry of tasks. From sowing seeds for the upcoming growing season to preparing the soil, March is a month of hopeful anticipation and diligent preparation.

The focus on early planting, tending to seedlings, and addressing any remaining winter damage reflects the dedication of individuals who are passionate about cultivating a thriving garden. As the first signs of green emerge, March brings a sense of renewal and optimism to outdoor spaces. Whether it’s the promise of blooming flowers, the emergence of tender shoots, or the prospect of fresh harvests, the efforts put into March gardening and allotment jobs lay the groundwork for a season of growth, color, and abundance. Embracing these tasks with enthusiasm ensures a successful and rewarding gardening journey throughout the rest of the year.

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