Do you want to know what to plant in October in the garden, allotment and kitchen garden? We have the full list here of what needs to be sown and planted.
What to plant in October in the Garden and Allotment

What to plant in October in the Garden and Allotment

Summer has now gone and the cold mornings and evenings will start to appear now we are in Autumn. This month is one of my favourites not just because it’s my birthday but because I do love the autumn fresh mornings which we get and the nice crisp feeling and even the autumnal smell. The weather may be getting cold but you can still plant lots in the garden and allotment in October, especially in the fruit garden. Here you will find out what to plant in October in the garden and allotment with all our handy gardening hints and tips.

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Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

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What Vegetables to Plant in October

In October there are not many vegetables you can plant. There are still a few you can though so find the list below of all the vegetables you can plant in October. The items are also linked to Amazon where you can safely order the items.

  • Asparagus Crowns – Plant these in well-prepared beds this month
  • Basil – You can plant basil on your windowsills this month or in a warm greenhouse.
  • Broad beans – Plant a winter hardy version outdoors in the ground for an early crop next year
  • Cauliflower – Sow an all-year-round crop this month and keep them growing in a greenhouse and plant out in Spring
  • Chives – You can sow chives in October on a windowsill or a warm greenhouse
  • Dill – You can sow dill on windowsills or a warm greenhouse this month
  • Garlic – Plant this month for great crops in the summer.
  • Green Manure – Planting this in your beds over the winter will help add nutrients to the soil and improve fertilization.
  • Lettuce – You can sow winter varieties of lettuce in October
  • Onions – Autumn Onion sets can be planted this month in well-prepared beds
  • Peas – You can plant peas in October but they need to be a winter-hardy version.
  • Spring Onion – Start these off this month in cold frames, under cloches or in the polytunnel for harvests in Spring
  • Winter Salad Leaves – Try growing some winter salad leaves in October

What Fruit to Plant in October

October is a vital month for planting fruit bushes and fruit trees. This is because the wet weather will help them root and get started in the garden. You won’t have to keep watering them to help them take as the natural rainfall will help them.

  • Blueberry Plants – Plant them this month but make sure you plant them in ericaceous compost for the best results. You can plant them in pots.
  • Fruit Trees – This is the ideal month to be planting your fruit trees in October.
  • Rhubarb Crowns – Plant your crowns this month while they are dormant. Remember you can’t pick them in the first year.

What Flowers to Plant October

You may think that you can’t plant many flowers in October with it being cold but you are wrong there is so many you can start off this month to get great displays next year. Especially your Spring Bulbs – now is the time to plant them if you have not got them planted. Do your bit for the bees and plant some in your garden.

  • Allium – Plant your bulbs this month for a fantastic display in Spring the bees will love them
  • Aquilegia – Sow this month in a warm greenhouse for planting out in Spring
  • Clematis – This month is the ideal time to plant your clematis
  • Cornflowers – Sow these directly in the ground this month for blooms next year
  • Daffodils – Plant your daffodil bulbs this month for impressive flowers in Spring
  • Hollyhock – Sow these this month and keep in your cold greenhouse over winter for planting out in Spring
  • Poached Egg Plant – Sow these directly in the ground this month for a nice trailing plant next year
  • Poppies – Sow these directly in the ground this month and get some great displays next year
  • Primulas – Sow Primula plants in the ground this month for colour in the garden over winter
  • Sweet Peas – Start these off this month for planting out in Spring
  • Tulips – Plant your tulips this month for impressive colours in the garden in Spring
  • Winter Pansies – Plant your winter pansies plants this month to add some colour to your bare gardens this month

We hope that you have found these tips and advice on what to plant in October useful. You can find out what jobs to do in the Garden in October here. Check out all other month-by-month planting guides here.

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