What to plant in January

What To Plant In January UK

Welcome to our guide on ‘What to Plant in January’, the perfect starting point for gardeners eager to get a head start on their gardening year. While January is often seen as a time of rest and planning in the gardening world, it offers unique opportunities for planting and preparation. This month, cooler temperatures and the promise of a new year combine to set the stage for a productive and beautiful garden.

In this guide, we explore the array of plants that thrive when planted in January, from hardy outdoor varieties to indoor starters. We’ll provide you with expert advice on how to successfully sow and grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs during this colder month. Whether you’re looking to get a jump on your vegetable garden or brighten up your indoor spaces with some greenery, our tips and suggestions are tailored to help you make the most of your garden, no matter the weather outside.

Join us as we delve into the best planting practices for January, ensuring a lush, vibrant garden ready to burst into life in the spring. Let’s get planting!

We hope that you find these tips useful. For each item that has been described, you can click the link where you can purchase the seeds directly from Amazon. What things will you grow in January?

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What Vegetables to Plant in January

What Vegetables to Plant in January

Seeds of Growth: What Vegetables to Plant in January

As the new year dawns, gardeners find themselves eagerly anticipating the opportunity to cultivate fresh beginnings in their plots. January, often considered a quiet month in the garden, holds the promise of a bountiful harvest in the months to come. In this guide, we delve into the world of vegetables that thrive when planted in January, uncovering the secrets of nurturing robust and resilient crops even in the midst of winter.

While the earth may be adorned in a blanket of frost, certain vegetables embrace the cold and sprout forth with vitality. From hearty greens to cool-season root vegetables, January offers a strategic window for sowing seeds and fostering the growth of plants that will eventually grace our tables with flavors of the upcoming seasons.

Join us on this journey into the winter garden, where we’ll explore the best vegetables to plant in January, share expert tips on cultivation, and ignite the excitement of reaping the rewards of your efforts as the year unfolds. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener seeking to extend your growing season or a novice eager to embark on a new gardening adventure, January sets the stage for a year filled with the joys of nurturing life from seed to harvest. Happy planting!

Here in this article, we will be explaining what vegetables to plant in January. Some vegetables need longer to start growing so you need to start them off as soon as possible. Find out what to plant in January Uk below. Don’t forget you can click the link to find the seeds on Amazon.

  • Broad beans – this time of year you can start your broad beans off in pots. This is probably better for broad beans starting them off in pots as they will grow strong and they will be protected from birds. They like to peck the tops of them as they are growing.
  • Celery – Celery needs to be started this month to give it plenty of time to grow. With it being cold either start the celery off on a light windowsill or in a heated propagator. They won’t germinate in a cold greenhouse.
  • Onions – If you want to grow massive onions from seeds now is the time to start them growing. This will give them a good chance of growing into huge onions big enough for exhibitions. You will need to start your onion seeds off on a windowsill or in a heated propagator to get them to germinate.
  • Potatoes – To chit potatoes or not? A lot of gardeners stick to the rule of chitting potatoes. I personally do. January is a good time to start chitting your potatoes ready to plant out in March and April. Make sure that when you’re chitting the potatoes they are in a frost-free place. People tend to save egg cartons to place them into chit.

Herbs to plant in January

Herbs to plant in January

Sowing the Fragrant Tapestry: Herbs to Plant in January

In the crisp embrace of January, as winter’s chill lingers, gardeners can embark on a journey that brings a burst of fragrance and flavor into their lives. While the landscape may seem dormant, the world of herbs awaits cultivation, promising an aromatic tapestry that will flourish in the months ahead. This guide invites you to step into the realm of herbs to plant in January—a strategic and rewarding endeavor that taps into the resilience of these culinary and medicinal wonders.

As the days gradually lengthen, January becomes the opportune moment to sow the seeds of various herbs, ensuring a robust harvest that will enhance your culinary creations and infuse your surroundings with delightful scents. From hardy perennials that brave the cold to annuals that eagerly sprout at the touch of sunlight, this guide unveils the secrets of cultivating a herb garden that thrives throughout the seasons.

Join us on this aromatic adventure, where we’ll explore the diverse world of herbs, share expert tips for successful cultivation, and set the stage for a year filled with the joy of growing, harvesting, and indulging in the multifaceted wonders of herbs. Whether you’re a seasoned herbalist or a novice gardener with a penchant for culinary delights, January marks the beginning of a fragrant journey that will unfold with each passing season. Happy planting!

IF you are wanting to grow herbs this month you can start some off on your windowsill in the house. Which herbs will you plant in January?

What Fruit To Plant in January

What Fruit To Plant in January

Nurturing Nature’s Sweetness: What Fruits to Plant in January

As the first month of the year unfolds, gardeners find themselves standing at the gateway to a year filled with possibilities and fruitful endeavors. January, often perceived as a time of quiet dormancy in the garden, is, in fact, a strategic moment to sow the seeds of future sweetness. This guide invites you to explore the delightful world of fruits to plant in January, unveiling the secrets of fostering orchards that promise to bear the juiciest and most succulent rewards.

While winter’s chill may linger, certain fruit varieties eagerly embrace the cool conditions, setting the stage for a vibrant and productive growing season. From the promise of luscious berries to the resilience of fruit trees, January provides a unique opportunity to sow the seeds that will evolve into nature’s delectable offerings in the months to come.

Join us on this journey into the heart of fruit cultivation, where we’ll delve into the best fruits to plant in January, share expert insights on nurturing these delightful treasures, and ignite the anticipation of a bountiful harvest. Whether you’re an orchard enthusiast or a budding gardener with a passion for homegrown sweetness, January holds the key to cultivating a fruitful year ahead. Happy planting!

  • Fruit Trees – January is a good time to plant bare-rooted fruit trees as long as the ground is not to frozen. Remember to water them well in the first year of growing.
  • Raspberries – Now is the time to plant raspberry canes. You can either buy Summer fruiting raspberries or Autumn Fruiting Raspberries. My personal choice is Autumn Raspberries they seem to produce bigger berries and more crops.
  • Rhubarb – Do you want to grow some delicious rhubarb to go in your crumbles and pies? Why not sow some rhubarb seed this month. You won’t be able to pull it for two years though. We have had great crops from our rhubarb grown from seed.

What Flowers to plant in January

What Flowers to plant in January

Blooms in the Frost: Exploring Flowers to Plant in January

As the new year unfolds and winter’s grasp tightens, the garden may seem like a slumbering landscape, devoid of color and life. However, for the keen gardener, January holds the promise of new beginnings and the opportunity to sow the seeds of vibrant blooms that will awaken the senses and breathe life into the garden. This guide invites you to journey into the enchanting world of flowers to plant in January—a journey that celebrates resilience, beauty, and the anticipation of spring’s arrival.

Despite the frosty temperatures, certain flowers brave the cold and emerge as beacons of hope, infusing the garden with hues of delicate petals and intoxicating fragrances. From hardy perennials that withstand the chill to early-blooming bulbs that herald the onset of spring, January presents an ideal window to sow the seeds of floral abundance.

Join us on this botanical adventure as we explore the best flowers to plant in January, offering insights into cultivation techniques, expert tips for success, and a glimpse into the kaleidoscope of colors that await. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a budding enthusiast with a passion for blooms, January beckons as a time to nurture the garden’s potential and sow the seeds of beauty that will flourish in the months ahead. Happy planting, and may your garden bloom with the promise of spring!

Are you looking at what flowers to plant in January UK? Here we help you with that problem by listing what seeds to plant in January. It maybe cold but you can still start some off this month either in a heated propagator or a sunny windowsill. Let’s find out what are the best flowers to plant in January are.

  • Snap Dragons – these can be started this month in a heated propagator or a warm windowsill.
  • Sweet Peas – Start these off this month on a damp piece of kitchen roll then pot up once they have sprouted. Plant out when the weather turns warm.
  • Lobelia – Start these off this month in a heated greenhouse or a window sill. Impress your neighbour’s with fantastic hanging baskets and pots.

Top 10 questions on What To Plant In January UK In The Garden And Allotment

1. When is the best time to start planting in January in the UK?

  • Answer: January marks the beginning of the gardening year in the UK. While it might seem early, certain crops, especially hardy vegetables and flowers, can be started indoors or sown directly in the soil.

2. What vegetables are suitable for planting in January in the UK?

  • Answer: Hardy vegetables like kale, winter lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and overwintering onions can be planted in January. Additionally, early varieties of peas and broad beans can be started indoors.

3. Can I plant fruit trees in January?

  • Answer: January is generally not the best time to plant fruit trees directly in the ground due to the cold weather. However, bare-root fruit trees can be planted later in the winter if the soil is workable.

4. Are there any flowers that can be planted outdoors in January in the UK?

  • Answer: Hardy winter flowers such as pansies, violas, and winter-flowering heathers can be planted outdoors in January. Bulbs like snowdrops and winter aconites can also be planted for early spring blooms.

5. Is it too early to start sowing seeds indoors in January?

  • Answer: It’s not too early to start sowing seeds indoors in January. Early-sowing vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and chillies can be started indoors to give them a head start before transplanting outdoors.

6. What herbs can be planted in January in the UK?

  • Answer: Hardy herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, and winter savory can be planted outdoors in January. Parsley and chives can also be sown indoors.

7. Can I plant garlic in January?

  • Answer: Yes, January is an excellent time to plant garlic in the UK. Plant individual cloves in well-drained soil for a summer harvest.

8. Are there any precautions to take when planting in frosty January conditions?

  • Answer: It’s advisable to cover vulnerable plants with frost cloths or horticultural fleece during particularly frosty nights. Planting in well-drained soil can also prevent waterlogging.

9. What are some gardening tasks suitable for January in the UK?

  • Answer: January is an ideal time for pruning fruit trees, roses, and deciduous shrubs. It’s also an opportunity to clean and maintain gardening tools and equipment.

10. Can I plant on an allotment in January in the UK?
Answer: Yes, certain vegetables and fruits can be planted on an allotment in January. Consider winter varieties of crops and cover vulnerable plants during frosty nights for successful allotment gardening in winter.


In conclusion, January offers an array of exciting opportunities for gardeners to begin the year with productivity and creativity. By embracing the unique conditions of this month, from indoor sowing to selecting hardy outdoor plants, you can lay a robust foundation for your garden to flourish in the coming months. Remember, the quiet of winter doesn’t mean your garden has to be dormant. With the right choices and care, you can enjoy the magic of gardening year-round. So, wrap up warm, get your gardening gloves on, and let’s start planting in January, setting the stage for a year filled with growth and beauty. Happy gardening!

We hope you have found this list useful of vegetables, herbs and flowers to plant in January. What seeds will you be planting this month?

Why not find out what to sow in February UK and order your vegetable and flower seeds now and be prepared for next month. You can find what to sow in all our other months here.

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