What Plants to Plant in January

It maybe one of the coldest months of the year but you can still be planting and sowing seeds this month. Here we will be telling you things to grow in January, what to grow in the greenhouse in January. Explaing vegetble seed sowing dates with a great break down of what to plant in January UK.

We hope that you find these tips useful. Each item that has been described you can click the link where you can purchase the seeds directly from Amazon. What things will you grow in January?

Allotment Book

Are you thinking of starting an allotment? The best book on the market that you can purchase is Allotment Month By Month: Grow your Own Fruit and Vegetables. In this book, it will give you all the tips to start growing your own fruit and vegetables. You can click the link below where it will take you to Amazon to purchase it.

What Vegetables to Plant in January


Here in this article, we will be explaining what vegetables to plant in January. Some vegetables need longer to start growing so you need to start them off as soon as possible. Find out what to plant in January Uk below. Don’t forget you can click the link to find the seeds on Amazon.

  • Broad beans – this time of year you can start your broad beans off in pots. This is probably better for broad beans starting them off in pots as they will grow strong and they will be protected from birds. They like to peck the tops of them as they are growing.
  • Celery – Celery needs to be started this month to give it plenty of time to grow. With it being cold either start the celery off on a light windowsill or in a heated propagator. They won’t germinate in a cold greenhouse.
  • Onions – If you want to grow massive onions from seeds now is the time to start them growing. This will give them a good chance of growing into huge onions big enough for exhibitions. You will need to start your onion seeds off on a windowsill or in a heated propagator to get them to germinate.
  • Potatoes – To chit potatoes or not? A lot of gardeners stick to the rule of chitting potatoes. I personally do. January is a good time to start chitting your potatoes ready to plant out in March and April. Make sure that when you’re chitting the potatoes they are in a frost-free place. People tend to save egg cartons to place them into chit.

Herbs to plant in January


IF you are wanting to grow herbs this month you can start some off on your windowsill in the house. Which herbs will you plant in January?

What Fruit To Plant in January

  • Fruit Trees – January is a good time to plant bare-rooted fruit trees as long as the ground is not to frozen. Remember to water them well in the first year of growing.
  • Raspberries – Now is the time to plant raspberry canes. You can either buy Summer fruiting raspberries or Autumn Fruiting Raspberries. My personal choice is Autumn Raspberries they seem to produce bigger berries and more crops.
  • Rhubarb – Do you want to grow some delicious rhubarb to go in your crumbles and pies? Why not sow some rhubarb seed this month. You won’t be able to pull it for two years though. We have had great crops from our rhubarb grown from seed.

What Flowers to plant in January

blooming flowers in metal bucket

Are you looking at what flowers to plant in January UK? Here we help you with that problem by listing what seeds to plant in January. It maybe cold but you can still start some off this month either in a heated propagator or a sunny windowsill. Let’s find out what are the best flowers to plant in January are.

  • Snap Dragons – these can be started this month in a heated propagator or a warm windowsill.
  • Sweet Peas – Start these off this month on a damp piece of kitchen roll then pot up once they have sprouted. Plant out when the weather turns warm.
  • Lobelia – Start these off this month in a heated greenhouse or a window sill. Impress your neighbour’s with fantastic hanging baskets and pots.

We hope you have found this list useful of vegetables, herbs and flowers to plant in January. What seeds will you be planting this month?

Why not find out what to sow in February UK and order your vegetable and flower seeds now and be prepared for next month. You can find what to sow in all our other months here.


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