What to plant in February Uk in Garden and Allotment

What to plant in February UK

February can be a month of different weather it can be raining, snowing or even a heatwave if we are lucky!. Some seeds require them to be started early in the year as they need a long time to get germinate or grow to full production. Here in this article, we will be looking at what to plant in February Uk in the garden and allotment. Remember you will need warmth to get the seeds to germinate. Always look at the packet of seeds to see what temperature they need to get germinating.

Each plant and seed is linked to Amazon where you can click it and it will take you there so you can purchase the seeds for your garden and allotment.

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What to plant in February Gardening Podcast

Do you want to listen to Gardening With Ben talking about what seeds to sow in February? Listen to his podcast below or search for Gardening with Ben on any podcast platform.

Listen to “What to sow and grow in the allotment and garden in February” on Spreaker.

What Vegetables to Plant in February

What vegetables to sow in february

This month you will be starting to sow a lot of your seeds as the longer days start to appear and as it starts to warm up towards the end of the month. Ideally you will have a heated greenhouse to start them or a propagator. If not you may want to start them in March. Lets find out what seeds I can sow now.

  • Aubergine – These are like growing cucumbers and Tomatoes they need as long as possible to start growing. So the earlier you start the seed off the better.
  • Beetroot If it is warm enough in your greenhouse why not start some seeds off now and get them ready for planting out once the frost has gone.
  • Broad Beans – You can plant out hardy ones this month.
  • Brussel Sprouts – did you know it takes nearly all year to grow your Brussel sprouts? Start your seed sowings this month or next month.
  • Cabbage – You can start sowing your summer variety of cabbages this month.
  • Carrots – If it is warm in the greenhouse why not start sowing of carrots of in February
  • Cauliflower – Start sowing your cauliflower this month and next month. I will certainly be growing my favourite which is a purple cauliflower.
  • Celery – Start your celery sowings this month in the greenhouse.
  • Chicory – If you want a summer harvest of chicory you can start sowing these this month in a polytunnel or under cloches.
  • Garlic – If you have started your garlic off in the greenhouse start planting these out in the soil this month.
  • Jerusalem Artichoke – Have you ever tried growing Jerusalem Artichoke? Plant tubers this month in the ground.
  • Leeks – If you want some nice big leeks to harvest at the end of the year start sowing these in the greenhouse this month.
  • Peas – If you are wanting to start some early peas off you will need to sow these undercover in pots, just remember to protect them as mice and rats will love to come and find them.
  • Peppers – these are like aubergine they need to be sown as early as possible to get good harvests through the summer. Remember the seeds will need to be sown somewhere warm so that they will germinate.
  • Potatoes – If you have not started chitting your potatoes yet this can still be done this month in a bright frost-free place. Save those egg boxes and place the potatoes in these with the eyes facing upwards.
  • Radish – These are one of the fastest-growing veggies to grow. You can keep sowing these at regular intervals to keep getting crops all through the year.
  • Shallots – As well as sowing your garlic outdoors this month you can sow your shallots outside this month that you have started in the greenhouse.
  • Spring Onions – Why not start some spring onion sowings now in the warm greenhouse ready to plant out in a couple of months. Then you can start a later batch off as well.
  • Tomatoes – The earlier you sow your tomatoes the longer year you will have to grow them and harvest great crops

Herbs to plant in February

What herbs to sow in february

This month you can start some basil off on your windowsill to plant out in a few months. If you are wanting to grow herbs on the windowsill all year long you can plant any herb in February.

What Fruit to plant in February

What fruit to plant in february

IF you are looking at fruit to plant in February you have come to the right place. Here we will share with you all the fruit that can be planted this month on the allotment and in the garden.

  • Currents – Now is a great time to plant your current bushes these can be black currents, red currents and white currents. They may not produce much the first few years so be patient.
  • Blackberries – Plant blackberry canes this month. The ideal place is down the side of a plot so you can fasten the canes to something to grow along.
  • Fruit Trees – This month you can plant any fruit that has a stone in them. These can be Apricots, Nectarines and peaches.
  • Gooseberries – Try planting some gooseberry bushes this month. If you are not keen on the sour gooseberries try planting red ones, these are sweeter.
  • Raspberries – Now is the ideal time to be planting raspberry canes. You can try summer fruiting raspberries or Autumn Raspberries
  • Rhubarb – If you are wanting to plant a rhubarb crown. February is the time to do it. Don’t pick any rhubarb from it in it’s first year.
  • Strawberry Plants – You can plant your strawberry plants this month. It’s good to replace plants that are older than three years as they will not produce as much.

What Flowers to plant in February

what flowers to sow in february

Do you want to know what flower seeds to plant in February? Here we will look at all the seeds and bulbs to plant in February. Brighten up your garden by sowing your own flower seeds this month.

  • Begonias – Now is the time to wake up your begonia tubers. This can be done by planting the tubers in pots of compost at a minimum temperature of 10c
  • Chrysanthemum – These are showstopper flowers! Sow some seed this month in your greenhouse for fantastic blooms in the garden and allotment.
  • Dahlia – These can look amazing in the garden blooming all summer. So the seed this month for planting out later in the year.
  • Geraniums – IF you want early flowers on your geraniums now is the time to sow seed in the greenhouse.
  • Lilies – Sow lily bulbs this month for amazing fragrance in the garden.
  • Lobelia – These look fantastic in pots and hanging baskets. Sow some in your greenhouse in February.
  • Roses – You can plant bare-rooted roses this month in the garden for great displays all summer long.
  • Sweet Peas – Continue to sow sweet peas in February. These are a cut and come again flower and can be a great attraction in the garden.

We hope you have found this list useful of vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant in February. What seeds will you be planting this month?

Why not find out what to sow in March UK and order your vegetable and flower seeds now and be prepared for next month. You can find what to sow in all our other months here.

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