What to plant in April

What to plant in April UK

April is known for its April showers but if you have a greenhouse, cold frame, or a polytunnel you will be able to start lots of seeds growing in there. The temperatures will be increasing this month so you will be able to start sowing more and more seeds and planting more plants. Here we will be explaining what seeds to plant in April and what plants to plant in April. Hopefully, you will get an idea of what are the best vegetables to plant in April and what flowers to plant in April.

You will be able to click the name of each seed and plant where it will take you to Amazon to find out more information and be able to purchase the seeds and plants so that you can try growing them yourself in the allotment or garden.

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What Vegetables to Plant in April

Vegetables to plant in april

Are you looking at what veggies to plant in April? Here we have a full breakdown of all the vegetables you can sow in April. Hopefully, you find some great vegetables to try and grow in April for fantastic results in Summer. Don’t forget you can click the title of each item which it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the seeds and plants.

  • Aubergine – Start potting up your seedlings being careful not to damage the plants
  • Beetroot – You can either sow beetroot in seed trays or directly in the ground in April
  • Broad Beans – These can be sown this month directly in the ground. Make sure they are protected against mice and birds
  • Broccoli – This is so expensive in shops so why not try growing yours. All you do is snip some off when it is ready to let the rest grow.
  • Cabbages – Now is the time to sow Summer and Autumn Cabbage seeds
  • Cauliflower – Why not try growing some purple cauliflower this year. I have had amazing results from mine.
  • Courgette – These can be expensive to purchase in the shops but can be so easy to grow and you will be harvesting all summer. Sow these indoors in a greenhouse.
  • Cucumbers – If you have not sown your cucumbers yet now is the time to get them planted. The longer they have to grow the better harvests you will get.
  • French Beans – You can start to sow these directly in the ground that has been prepared or in pots to plant out when they are ready.
  • Globe Artichoke – Have you tried growing these before? Why not give them a try for the first time this year
  • Jerusalem Artichoke – Try planting some tubers this month for some great results next year.
  • Kale – this is so easy to grow. Sow the seeds in pots then transplant outdoors when they are big enough. Snip off as much as you want when you want it for your Sunday dinners.
  • Leeks – IF you have not sown your leeks this is the last month to get them sown for good harvests and big fat leeks at the end of the year.
  • Lettuce – Start some lettuce seeds off this month, make sure you only sow a few though as they all often germinate and get to clumped together in a seed tray.
  • Marrow – Like courgettes, marrows can be planted this month. Why not see how big you can grow a marrow?
  • Onions – IF you are growing onions from sets this is the month to plant them. Make sure the ground is prepared. Also, net them as birds like to pull them up and eat the tops of them
  • Parsnips – These can be sown straight in the ground now. You don’t pull these up till after the first frost as this gives them their flavour.
  • Peas – Start sowing these directly into the ground. Will they make it home from the allotment or will you be shelling and eating them at the plot.
  • Peppers – Start potting up your pepper seedlings this month.
  • Potatoes – This month you can plant out your potatoes in the ground. Did you know you don’t have to dig a trough many use a bulb planter to make the hole?
  • Pumpkin – Start sowing pumpkin seeds this month. Have a little family competition and see how big you can grow one. The question is will you be able to move it once grown!
  • Radish – keep sowing radish seeds for continuous harvests throughout the year.
  • Runner Beans – This is the month to sow your runner bean seeds. Sometimes it’s best to sow them in pots in the greenhouse first as mice can pinch the seeds and birds can eat the tops of the shoots.
  • Spring Onion – Continue to sow spring onions this month for harvests for your salads.
  • Squash – Like pumpkins these can be sown this month. They take a long time to grow so start your seeds off now in the greenhouse.
  • Swede – These can be sown straight into the ground this month. They will need thinning out when the plants are big enough.
  • Sweetcorn – IF you have not tried growing sweetcorn before you are missing out. Sow some sweetcorn kernels this month in pots in the greenhouse.
  • Tomatoes – Start potting up your tomato plants into small plant pots. Be careful not to damage the plants

Herbs to Plant in April

Herbs to plant in April

The herbs to plant in April are Parsley, Dill, Coriander, and chives. You can sow these directly into the ground. The best option is to sow them in containers and either sink them into the ground or leave them on top as the herbs will spread.

What Fruit to plant in April

Fruit to pplant in April

Are you looking at growing some fruit this year in the garden and the allotment but don’t know where to begin? Here we will be explaining what fruit to plant in April.

Blackberry – You still have time to plant blackberry canes. Make sure you plant them somewhere where you can support them. The best place is down the side of the allotment or garden.

Fruit Trees – It is too late to plant bare-rooted fruit trees. You can still pot up pot fruit trees though!

Melon – If the weather is warm and sunny and you have a greenhouse or a polytunnel you could try growing melons! Sow some seed this month in a greenhouse or a heated propagator.

Raspberry – If you have not planted any raspberry canes yet there is still a chance. Be careful where you plant them though as they do spread.

Strawberry – Why not try growing some Strawberry seeds this month. They will fruit next year

What Flowers to Plant in April

Flowers to plant in April

April is a great time to start sowing your flower seeds in the greenhouse. If you don’t have a heater in the greenhouse it should start to be getting warmer in there for you to be able to germinate your seeds now. Let’s find out what flowers to plant in April.

  • Lillies – These can still be planted in pots this month for fantastic blooms and fragrance in the garden.
  • Marigolds – These are really easy to grow. Sow some in seed trays in the greenhouse this month for amazing color in Summer
  • Nasturtiums – Plant these out in the garden this month. Make sure you plant them in poor soil as they flower better in this rather than in rich soil
  • Petunia – Have some amazing hanging baskets in the garden this year and sow some petunia seeds.
  • Sunflowers – Its always great to have some fun in the garden so why not see who can grow the tallest sunflower. Sow these in pots in the greenhouse this month.

We hope you have found this list useful of vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant in April. What seeds will you be planting this month?

Why not find out what to sow in May UK and order your vegetable and flower seeds now and be prepared for next month. You can find what to sow in all our other months here.

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