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Gardening Jobs in January

Well, January is one of the coldest months in the Uk but there is still plenty to do in the garden as long as it has not snowed and covered the garden. Here we will be giving you the gardening jobs in January. Find out this weeks gardening jobs and what to do in the garden in January and plan ahead for the summer months. All these tasks are January Gardening Jobs UK.

Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

Are you starting an allotment or planning on growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a kitchen garden? If so we highly recommend the book Allotment Month By Month. This does exactly what it does on the cover to help you with what you should be doing in the allotment and kitchen garden each month. Below you can see the link for Amazon where you can purchase the book directly. This book is extremely popular with all allotment holders as you will read in the reviews:-

You can check out all the allotment and kitchen garden books we recommend here.

Allotment Book

Are you thinking of starting an allotment? The best book on the market that you can purchase is Allotment Month By Month: Grow your Own Fruit and Vegetables. In this book, it will give you all the tips to start growing your own fruit and vegetables. You can click the link below where it will take you to Amazon to purchase it.

January Vegetable Garden Jobs


The weather may be cold, frosty and snowy in January but there are still many tasks that can be done on the allotment in January. Get ahead of time and get it prepared now for the growing season. Find out all the January Vegetable garden jobs below, remember you can check what vegetables can be planted here.

  • Peas:- If you are growing some peas early, cover the ground to warm it up before sowing. Unless you are sowing them in pots before planting out.
  • Parsnips:- These always taste nicer after the ground has been frozen, it gives them a better taste. These can be harvested as and when required.
  • Potatoes:- If you are growing these in the greenhouse or polytunnel make sure they are kept warm with a heater or use fleece to protect them from the cold nights in January.

January Fruit Garden Jobs


January is a great month to start preparing your fruit bushes and trees ready for the summer months. Get great crops from them from following handy gardening tips for January.

  • Apple Trees:- Make sure your apple trees are pruned this month ready for them waking up soon.
  • Blackcurrants:- These can still be pruned this month ready for the summer months.
  • Gooseberries:- Get pruning your gooseberries in January for great harvests in Summer
  • Pear Trees:- As well as apple trees pear trees can still be pruned this month while they are still dormant.
  • Red Currents:- Like the blackcurrants, these can be pruned this month.
  • Rhubarb Plants:- If you are wanting to grow early rhubarb why not try forcing it to get early crops. I also like to sprinkle chicken pellet manure near the crowns to help feed them for the year ahead.

General Fruit Garden Jobs

  • Check the stakes, supports and wires you use in your fruit garden. Replace any that need it.
  • If any fruit tree or bush has had it cut it down below soil level or get out if possible.
  • Carry on planting fruit trees and bushes this month as long as the ground is workable to do it.

January Flower Garden Jobs

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There is not an awful lot of jobs that need doing in the flower garden in January but we have still found you some bits to keep you busy.

  • Pansies:- Any flowers that have died these can be deadheaded to encourage new growth.
  • Roses:- If you have not pruned these this can still be done this month while the rose bush is dormant.

If you are looking at what to plant in the garden in December you can check out our list here. Find out what jobs need doing in February or check out all the other months here to stay ahead of yourself.

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