What to plant in November

What to plant in November in the Garden and Allotment

The cold weather is setting in and the frosty mornings have started. We now won’t get much sunshine or daylight hours in the garden. However, in November there is still plenty of things to start off growing in the garden and allotment. November can be quite a critical month for starting things off in the fruit garden and the spring garden this month to get fantastic blooms and produce for the years to come. Here in this article, you will find all our tips and advice on what to plant in November in the garden and the allotment.

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What to plant in November Gardening Podcast.

Gardening with Ben produces a regular gardening podcast on his podcast platforms where you can listen to tips and advice on things to do in the garden. Below you can listen to his podcast on what to plant in November:-

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What Vegetables to plant in November

In November there are still many vegetables you can still plant through Autumn and Fall ready for next year. Here you will be able to get started early and keep growing through winter with our vegetable planting tips for November.

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Autumn Onions – These can be sown this month so that you will be harvesting them come June/ July. These will grow through the autumn and winter months and survive the cold weather. Make sure you net them when the shoots start appearing as the birds will pinch the tops off.

Garlic:- Now is the perfect time for sowing garlic cloves. The cold actually helps them grow by splitting the cloves and making them form into proper-sized garlic.

Peas:- Sow a variety that is ideal for growing through the winter and can cope with the cold weather. A good variety of winter pea to grow is Meteor.

Broad Beans:- These can actually be sown now as well as in March/April. If you sow them now you won’t get any issues with black flies like you normally would. The reason for this is because you will be harvesting them before the blackflies appear.

Asparagus:- this can be so expensive to purchase from the shop. Why not buy a few crowns and get them planted now in a corner of the allotment or garden and eat delicious asparagus all year round.

Spring Onion:- You can actually sow spring onions this month and they will be ready in the Springtime – hence the why they are called spring onions.

What Fruit to plant in Novemeber

November is perfect to be planting fruit trees and bushes. The reason for this is that the weather is perfect for them to root in the ground. Here you will find what fruit to plant in November. Click the links to find the items for sale on Amazon.

Blackberries- These are great to grow down the edges of your allotment and garden. You can grow blackberries down wires and train them where to grow. You can even now get thornless blackberries.

Raspberries:- Plant your raspberry canes this month for fruit next year. You can grow summer varieties or autumn varieties of raspberries. These will both be ready at different times of the year providing fruit for longer in the garden.

Strawberries:- Plant around 12 strawberry plants in the garden this month. In a couple of years, you could have a couple of hundred plants in the garden growing just from the 12 plants you planted. Strawberry plants send out runners each year providing new plants.

Rhubarb:- November is the perfect time to plant your rhubarb crowns. However, you are not meant to pick the rhubarb from the plant for the first year. LEt them grow for a year before picking so that the roots can get formed in the ground.

Blueberries:- These are so expensive to purchase from the supermarket so why not try growing some yourself. When planting blueberries make sure you plant them in ericaceous soil so that they can grow to their full potential.

Currants:- Which currents are your favorite Black, White, or red currents. You can get enormous harvests from current bushes. Also with currents, you can freeze them until you need them so you don’t need to waste a single current. Plant them in the garden now and you could be getting some currents from the bushes next year. However, you won’t be getting good crops for a few years.

What flowers to plant in Novemeber

There’s not many flowers that you can plant in November. This is because it is too cold to germinate them and get them growing. The ones you can sow now need to be sown now so that they will be ready in time for next year.

Tulips:- November is the best time to plant tulip bulbs. The reason for this is because if you plant them any earlier you could risk them getting diseases. Why not choose an unusual variety when growing Spring Bulbs

Daffodils:- One of the best spring bulbs to grow that will always grow well wherever you plant them. You can get some great deals on daffodils. Help the bees by planting some color in your allotment.

Hyacinths:- My favorite Spring bulb out of them all. It has an amazing fragrance and looks beautiful. Not the cheapest Spring bulb to grow but the best looking and best smell.

Roses:- If you are wanting to grow roses in the garden. Now is a perfect time to plant them. Make sure you add some food to the ground where you are going to be growing them in the garden and they will bloom year after year in the garden.

Pansies:- One winter favorite for the garden adding flowers and color to the garden right the way up to springtime.

We hope you have found all these tips and advice on What to Plant in November in the Garden and Allotment useful. What will you be planting in your garden and allotment in November?

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