What to plant in June

What to plant in June

June can be an extremely busy job in the garden. This is because there is still lots left you can plant but also you will need to keep things watered well in the greenhouse. This can sometimes be twice a day if it is hot. Just make sure that you don’t water in hot sunshine as you could burn the plants with the sun shining down on the water on the plants. Here you will be able to find out what to plant in June.

You can click on any of the names of the items and it will take you through to where you can buy seeds for the item you require.

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What to plant in the vegetable patch

This month can be extremely busy month in the allotment or garden. You will hopefully be picking those delicious strawberries but you need to be keeping on top of watering in the long sunny days which lie ahead this month. If you have missed out on planting seeds last month you can still catch up with a lot of seeds. Here we will explain what can be planted this month.

  • Beetroot – Directly sow this into the ground in rows. This will need thinning out when they start germinating.
  • Broccoli – This can be started directly in the soil but ideally it is best starting it in trays first they grown on in pots before planting out.
  • Carrots – These can be directly sown straight into the ground, make sure that the ground is not stony or the carrots will split when growing.
  • Chicory – This is ideal for adding colour to your food. They can be sown directly in the ground and thinned out later.
  • Cucumbers – There is still time to start cucumbers off but get them started in individual pots so you don’t have transplant them later
  • Gherkins – These can also be started in individual pots.
  • Kale – This can be sown now in seed trays or directly in the ground. This will be ready for winter.
  • Peas – These can still be sown this month. Start them off directly in the area you are going to grow them.
  • Radish – These can be sown directly in the ground. They are a fast growing crop with great results.
  • Spring Onion – Sow this directly into the ground where you are growing it.
  • Swede – These can be sown outdoors, one they have germinated thin out and put them in your final position.
  • Sweetcorn – Start these off in plant pots in the greenhouse. Ideally you need around 12-16 plants for good pollination
  • Swiss Chard – Why not add some great color to your plot sow some Swiss chard seeds in trays in the greenhouse
  • Turnips – Sow these directly in the ground and transplant to there final position when they are big enough to handle.
  • Winter Cabbage – This can be started in the greenhouse ready to plant out next month.

Now that the chance of frost has passed – you should be pretty safe to plant things outdoors. The days will be getting longer and more daylight until the longest day approaches. Make the most of the sunshine and long days by planting some produce outdoors. Here you will be able to find out all the produce that can go outdoors this month.Fin out what to plant in June with our vegetable guide.

  • Broccoli – if you have started these off by seed you can now plant them outdoors in prepared beds. These need to be planted around 60cm apart
  • Brussels Sprouts – These can now be planted out doors – don’t forget they wont be picked until November /December so will be in beds for a long time. These need planting around 60cm apart
  • Cauliflowers – These can be planted out in the ground. Make sure that soil does not dry out while they are growing. Keep beds weed free.
  • Celery – these are best planted in blocks.
  • Celeriac – in fresh good and fertile soil for better results.
  • Cucumbers – these can be planted outdoors or ideally in greenhouses or polytunnels in grow bags. If growing outside add nutritious compost to the soil to make it more fertile.
  • Kale – this can be planted out this month but make sure you leave lots of space between plants, ideally 80cm. You can grow fast growing veg in the gaps.
  • Leeks – to plant leeks make holes in the ground drop them in then fill the holes with water – do not back fill the soil.
  • Peppers – these can be grown in grow bags in a sunny sheltered position. Ideally in greenhouses or polytunnels.
  • Potatoes – You can plant Charolotte and Maris Piper potatoes this month. They will not need chitting. They should be grown in potato bags this month. The warm weather this month will speed up the growth.
  • Pumpkins – See who can grow the biggest pumpkin. Your plants can be planted outdoors this month. Make sure the soil is fertile.
  • Squash – These are like pumpkins and require fertile soil. Make sure they are kept watered while they are growing.
  • Tomato Plants – You are safe to plant tomato plants outdoor this month or in the greenhouse and polytunnel. These will need watering everyday in warm weather.

What to plant in the fruit garden

There is not much that you can plant in the fruit garden in June. This month you will be getting ready to be harvesting all that delicious fruit that you have been growing.

  • Melon – Now the weather is warmer try planting your melon outdoors – ideally grow them in a poly tunnel they will thrive in there. They need good fertile compost to grow well.

What to plant in the flower garden

Don’t worry if you have not managed to start some flower seeds off to grow in your flower borders. There is still chance to grow some flowers seeds in June. You can find below the seeds you can start this month and you can get some great results. Find out what to plant in June with our flower guide.

  • Calendula – These can be sown directly where you would like to grow them. The bees will love them
  • Candytuff – Like the calendula these can be directly sown.
  • Clarkia – You can sow these directly where you would like them to be grown.
  • Delphiniums – You can start these off now ready for next year in the greenhouse so that you have some great flowers for the bees
  • Lupins – Start lupins off in the greenhouse now ready for next year.
  • Nasturtiums – these are extremely fast to grow. They can be sown straight in the ground where they are going to grow.
  • Nigella – These can be sown where you would like them to grow. These will add a beautiful blue to your garden.
  • Pansies – Start your winter pansies off now in seed tray in the greenhouse for winter blooms.
  • Scabiosa – These can be sown in seed trays now ready for blooming next year.
  • Sunflowers – This is the last month to be planting your sunflower seeds to see who can grow the tallest one.

We hope you have found this useful and informative. You should know now what to plant in June, whether it be fruit, vegetables or flowers.

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