Welcome to our page on how to grow sunflowers. Here we will provide you with all the tips and advice to growing stunning sunflowers in the UK and the rest of the world. We will explain when the best to plant sunflowers and how to look after sunflowers.

Growing Sunflowers

Growing sunflowers is a great addition to any garden. Sunflowers add lots of colour, they attract the bees and they produce sunflower seeds which can be eaten or given to the birds. They are also great to grow with children to have a competition to see who can grow the tallest one.

Varieties of Sunflowers

There are many varieties of sunflowers. These sunflowers come in different sizes, colours and shapes. Here are some of our favorite ones to try:-

  • Chianti
  • Sunrich Lime
  • Earth Walker
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Mountain Rouge
  • Italian White
  • Little Becka
  • Topolino
  • Sky Scraper
  • American Giant Hybrid
  • Russian Mammoth
  • Giant Sungold
  • Elf
  • Suntastic
  • Firecracker
  • Dwarf Incredible
  • Teddy Bear

When to plant sunflowers

The best time to plant sunflowers in the UK is from April though to May this will give the optimum time to grow the sunflowers to the maximum height that you can get it to grow. How tall can you grow your sunflower.

How to plant sunflowers

For growing sunflowers in the uk and the rest of the world all you have to do is get a small plant pot, put a layer of compost in and pop a couple of seeds in. Then cover with more compost.

When the sunflowers are tall enough these can be transplanted into the ground or into large buckets with holes in for drainage. If you are planting outdoors make sure there is no sign of frost in the mornings or this may kill them.

How to grow sunflowers video

Check out our how to video on how to grow sunflowers:-

Growing Sunflowers in pots.

Growing sunflowers in pots is the same as growing them int the ground but they may need watering more often as the compost will dry out faster than soil.

How to care for sunflowers.

As the sunflowers start to grow they will need more water to drink to help them grow. As they get taller you will need to support them with a cane or against a building as you don’t want the weight of the head to snap the stem. Sunflowers do not need much looking after apart from watering.

Growing Sunflowers indoors

Growing sunflowers indoors is not advised as they will get too tall. You are best staring them off indoors in a greenhouse until they are strong enough to go outside and once the chance of frost has past.

When do Sunflowers bloom?

Sunflowers will generally bloom through summer going into the autumn depending how the weather lasts and how well you look after them. Once they have finished blooming chop the heads off and hang them upside down somewhere dry so that the heads dry out. This will then dry the seeds out.

Sunflower plants for sale

You very often do not see sunflower plants for sale. This is probably because they are that easy to grow. You can pick up packets very cheap and grow them yourself. This is all part of the fun in growing them

Did you know you can grow perennial sunflowers? Yes sunflowers that grow every year. Find out the tips and advice here.

We hope that you have found our sunflower growing tips on how to grow sunflowers tutorial and video. Be sure to subscribe below for updates and more hints and tips.

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