Allotment and Garden Tour 3rd May 2020

Welcome to my Allotment and garden tour this week. This week has been a busy one I’ve finally finished my Shed extension ready to grow all my melons in this year.

I’ve grown melons before and they did extreamly well so I’m going full steam ahead with growing more this year on my allotment. Plus i’ve got extra space for growing my plants until they need planting out.

I’ve grown lots of flowers this year to help the bees.

You can check out my allotment tour in the video below:-

Allotment and Kitchen Garden Book

Are you starting an allotment or planning on growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a kitchen garden? If so we highly recommend the book Allotment Month By Month. This does exactly what it does on the cover to help you with what you should be doing in the allotment and kitchen garden each month. Below you can see the link for Amazon where you can purchase the book directly. This book is extremely popular with all allotment holders as you will read in the reviews:-

You can check out all the allotment and kitchen garden books we recommend here.

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